Our Expertise


Power Systems

  • High speed specialized peer to peer load shedding solution
  • Power / Machine Control Centers
  • DG ,Turbine ,Grid Synchronization
  • Online Energy / Data Monitoring and report generation

Process Control

  • Batch Process Control (Tea, Coffee, Dairy & Milk Plants)
  • Water & Sewage Treatment Plant Control
  • Industrial Combustion & Power Generation
  • Furnace Automation (Metals Industry)
  • Control and Automation in Caster process

Machine Control

  • Discrete Machine Control (Material Handling, Assembly & Packaging Machines)
  • Motion Control Systems (Linear / Rotary Servo Motors, CIP Motion Encoders, Sizing & Analysis)
  • Machine Safety Systems (Risk Assessment, Safety Circuit Designing & Machine Performance Level Evaluation)

Information Solutions

  • Standalone Machines – Designing the Operator Control Interface
  • Manufacturing Intelligence Software – Data Acquisition & Storage, Analysis – Metrics, History & Report Generation
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems – Integrating business/enterprise systems with plant production equipment

Special Integration

  • Integration of 3rd Party device like Barcode Scanner,RFID w/r and non contact printers through socket programming over Modbus TCP/IP
  • Integration of Numerical relays on Modbus,IEC-61580 and other special networks.
  • Integration of Pneumatic valves (Festo,SMC, SPX,GEA) on AS-I network and Ethernet/IP network
  • Integration of HART enabled field devices in both point-to-point and multi-drop mode.
  • Integration with Industrial Robots by using binary code system for Pick & place application
  • 3rd party client application interfacing by using OPC DA for report generation(SQL-DBS,ODBC) and SAP –IT level connectivity.