Sr. No. Customer Name Project Description Basic Value Project Status
1 IIEPL Producer Gas Plant Automation at BILT 1,825,000 Successfully Commissioned
2 SSP Pvt Ltd Tea/Milk Plant Automation 2,911,000 Successfully Commissioned
3 SSP Pvt Ltd Coffee Processing Plant-Indonesia 9,800,000 Successfully Commissioned
4 NTPC Ltd Upgradation of Stacker/Reclaimer PLC 1,410,000 Successfully Commissioned
5 NHPC Ltd Vibration Monitoring System 1,210,225 Commissioning in Progress
6 INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD RTU Control for Vadinar Pipe Line 4,829,500 Engineering in progress
7 ISGEC HEAVY ENGINEERING Boiler Automation & Burner Automation JK Tyre 2,100,000 Successfully Commissioned
8 ISGEC HEAVY ENGINEERING Electrical & Automation Control System for Sugar 24,050,000 Engineering in progress
9 ISGEC HEAVY ENGINEERING PlantPAX DCS for Boiler Automation a Juice Plant 3,985,000 FAT Completed
10 ISGEC HEAVY ENGINEERING Boiler Automation System for Tico Fruit 7,200,000 Supply completed
11 ADANI WILMAR LTD Edible Oil Automation System at Bundi 4,200,000 Successfully Commissioned
12 AMBUJA CEMENT LIMITED,BHTAPARA Coal Mill & Packing Plant Automation 4,250,000 Successfully Commissioned
13 AMBUJA CEMENT LIMITED, BHATAPARA Load Shedding & Grid Synchronization System 3,350,000 Supply completed
14 AMBUJA CEMENT LIMITED, AMBUJANAGAR Load Shedding & Demand Management System 2,755,000 FAT in Progress
15 ACC LIMITED, CHANDA Load Shedding & Sharing System 3,695,000 FAT in Progress
16 GILLETE INDIA PVT LTD Machine electrical systems refurbishment 4,003,772 Successfully Commissioned
17 GILLETE INDIA PVT LTD Wrapping M/c Electrical system refurbishment 9,789,611 Successfully Commissioned
18 EN Projects & Engg. Industries Private Ltd. Automation for Auto coter Machine 3,900,000 Successfully Commissioned
19 EN Projects & Engg. Industries Private Ltd. Automation for tomato sauce processing line 4,203,160 Supply completed
20 FRICK INDIA PVT LTD Chiller Control System for Vadilal Icecream 2,860,000 Successfully Commissioned
21 FRICK INDIA PVT LTD Upgradation of existing paintshop at Force Motor 5,215,425 Successfully Commissioned
22 GEICO PAINTSHOP Upgradation of existing paintshop at Force Motor 18,500,000 Commissioning in Progress
23 FLEXLINK SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD Conveying & Packaging Automation of Chocolate 4,900,000 Successfully Commissioned
24 FLEXLINK SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD End of Line Automation atHUL Haridwar 2,565,000 Successfully Commissioned
25 FLEXLINK SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD Automation of Conveying and Packaging line at 5,486,340 Successfully Commissioned
26 FLEXLINK SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD Packaging Line Automation at HUL Mangalore 3,136,500 Successfully Commissioned
27 TATA MOTORS PVT LTD Upgradation of existing paint shop 4,825,200 Successfully Commissioned
28 TATA MOTORS PVT LTD Upgradation of existing paint shop 4,059,000 Commissioning in Progress
29 JINDAL STAINLESS STEEL Automation of Slab Caster 3,240,000 Successfully Commissioned
30 JINDAL STAINLESS STEEL Aiutomation of Bloom Caster 3,660,000 Successfully Commissioned
31 INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD IOCL Digboi- Electrical Control System 2,263,701 Successfully Commissioned
32 INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD ID/FD fan Control with redundant VFDs at IOCL 3,692,400 Successfully Commissioned
34 MULTITEX FILTRATION ENGINEERS LIMITED Electrical & Automation System for Gas Filteratio 7,050,000 Commissioning in Progress
35 OM METALS INFRA PROJECTS DAM Gate control system at NHPC hydal power 3,575,000 Successfully Commissioned
36 UEM INDIA PVT LTD Data Concentrator System at 3,480,950 Successfully Commissioned
37 ZITRON INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Mines Automation-Hindustan Zink 3,200,000 Supply completed